Leilan Wintermoon

Elven Bladesinger, Once weilded Starkiranhue, and was Envoy to Caledon as well as a military commander


Leilan was born into a lower caste. His father was a carpenter of some minor renown and his mother was an artist. His father was killed by an orcish raid when he was still young. Years later Leilan was discovered by the Bladesinger master Rythian and took him under apprenticeship. Rythian saw his raw form and saw great talent within Leilan.

While undergoing training, Leilan met Allenya, a young elven maiden, who was of the nation’s nobility. However, their love was not meant to be. While her family was on the road they were slain by bandits or other montsrosities. Allenya’s body was never found. It was several years after that when he took the position of The representative Ambassador of Tir Na Shae to Caledon. It is there where his current story begins…

Leilan Wintermoon

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