Caelmaris Shadowmoon

1325 CF – Born, Astalder Sinda’ Mithamin (his family name), in the small grove village of Tauramindil to parents, Rhunsulie and Cermie Sinda’ Mithamin. Blessed with the gift of keen sight by Solonor Thelandira, god of the sylvan elves.

Father, Rhunsulie Sinda’Mithamin, born 1195 CF – high captain of the Toror Taurohtarie (Pathfinders)

Mother, Cermie Sinda’Mithamin, born 1230 CF – priestess of Hanali Celanil

1334 CF – Sister, Valyana Sinda’Mithamin born

1445 CF – Became the village bard mistress, wedded to a druid named Menellon Anor’Lumenn (born 1330)

1450 CF – She and Menellon are expecting their first child within the year

1355 to 1435 CF – Trained by his father and uncle Earoth, began learning the sword and bow, honed his keen senses and archery skills to near lightning precision, taught how recognize the various flora and fauna and how to concoct potions from herbs and plants, traveled to Leitae to train further with its army and become a member to its ranks.

1425 – Began going by the name, Cael’maris Shadowmoon, upon passage into adulthood

1435 CF – Began service in the Elven army as a sniper and advance scout

1440 CF – Met the lady, Amaris’Laesira, a noble of the Royal Elven Court, while on leave in Leitae

1442 CF – Wedded Amaris’Laesira in a secret ceremony

1448 – 1450 CF – Assigned to a party of adventurers already combating the rising forces from Tyr Anrad under the command of Lord Dubrachus, also present at the liberation of Caledon, dubbed Protector of the Woodland Realms by her highness, Queen Alenya of Tir Na’ Shae, for the unwavering defense of their home.

Following the liberation of Caledon, put in charge of a group of rangers on northern border patrol. Following rumors of a terrible creature that has been draining the life force out of all living things. The patrol going to check on the elven village, Ennemar, on the outskirts, discover the village has been reduced to ash and decay. The only survivor was a human druid by the name of Breman. He says that he was the adopted son of an Elven druid named Lilandra Invited Breman to join the quest to defeat Dubrachus. The strange feeling is that one of Dubrachus’ minions or allies was behind this attack. Breman respectfully declines the offer, seeking instead the solitude that druids often do Encountered young Breman again soon after returning from the north. He then joined up in the pursuit of his “monster” and the preservation of all that is good

Combated an onslaught of defenders within a vile temple in order to close a portal connected to the buildup of demons and other dread creatures Trudged through the most disgusting of sewers to reach the temple Sights of twisted torture within, the likes of which could not be imagined, not to mention the perversion of nature, in the rape of humanoid women by demons producing hideous half-demon, half humanoid offspring, the result of which kills the unfortunate mother Poor souls were found connected to hellish devices that drew the very life force from them, some found decapitated Brought down the portal found to be linked to some demonic plane Successfully liberated the few survivors as the temple crumbled all around

Caelmaris Shadowmoon

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