Dwarven Fighter. Short red hair, long braided beard.


Dwarf Fighter: 1 Height: 4’5” Weight 194lbs STR: 13 DEX: 16 Health: 15 INT: 10 CON: 15 AC 19 = Chain(2) + Dex(3) + NAB – AP(2) + 10 WIS: 16 DR, 2(chain shirt) CHA: 9

CMB +4  = Dex(3) + BAB(1)
CMD 14  = Dex(3) + STR(1) + 10

FORT: +4 Ranked Skills FEATS: REFL: +3 Survival +7 = 1Rank + WIS + ClassSkill(3) Toughness (+3HP at level 1) WILL: +3 Knlg Engineering +4 = 1Rank + INT + ClassSkill(3) Dodge (+1 AC vs Target) Perception +4 = 1Rank + WIS Power Atk (+X DMG, -X ATK) Combat Agility (Dex on CMB) WEAPONS “Halberd” ATK +2 DMG 1d10+2 CRIT x3 (D&D “halberd” is more of a poleaxe really) Short-sword ATK +2 DMG 1d6+1 CRIT 19-20×2

GEAR ARMOR: Chain Shirt WEAPONS: Father’s Axe, Shorts-Sword, Dagger Backpack: rations, change of clothes, flint n’ steel, Hemp rope, winter blanket, healer’s kit, grappling hook, crowbar, empty sack, money bag Belt Pouch: flask of ale Belt Scabbard: Knife (dagger)


His father’s name was Thon’har and his mother’s name is Hele’na, and he Is Grandar Stonebrow Lorr’dek. His father was a royal guard in their home town, rising to such ranks from near commoner status. His mother, a simple baker and housewife. His childhood was peaceful, until his father died. Killed in a freak snowstorm, in service to the people. He helped his mother in the shop for a time, but the majority of Grandar’s early years where spent as a watchman in his home town, following in the steps of his father. His time in service was not very memorable, and the monotony got to him. When he heard of an expedition setting out to explore once abandoned mountains he signed on as a guard and strong back.

This experience would prove both challenging and life changing. Through this adventure he made many friends, not only of Dwarfs but of Men as well. Before this all he saw of man where diplomats and merchants, who came and left abruptly. The wilderness also offered many new experiences. From fishing to fighting bears, unarmed. To be fair it was more like surviving a bear attack, unarmed. Although he and his family often went into the wild, this journey showed him more of the world than he thought he would get to see. Ceaseless snow, endless trees, relentless nights. The sights most of all, took his breath away. He was left speachless as he laid from atop a hill, with the mountains forming a backing to his beloved home; seeing it from afar. The sun setting behind them.

For the first time his blood boiled,an assault by barbarians. He had neverkilled before, and found it disturbing, but acceptable; when necessary. Upon returning home he returned to his duties. However the monotony began to creep back in. Night after eventless night. He began to assist his mother in the shop again, something he had not done since childhood, out of boredom. He could stand it no longer. He found a replacement for his post and prepared supplies. He would set out unto the world to find adventure, excitement, and wonder. His mother not only respected his decision, she supported it. Descending from a family of vagabonds she had an understanding for he wanderlust. She had one last gift for him before he left, his father’s ax. It had served him throughout his years of service, and now it would watch over his son. It was a touching moment. Thus begins the journey of Grandar Stonebrow Lorr’dek.


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