Fineous "Fin" Quickfoot


Race – Kender

Class – Rogue 1

Alignment – Chaotic Good

StatsSTR 11, DEX 19, CON 12, INT 17, WIS 13, CHA 16

Base Attack Bonus – 0

AC (using Unearthed Arcana rules) – 19

vs. Touch Attacks – 15

Flat-Footed – 15

Weapons & Armor: Hoopak, Short Sword, Masterwork Leather Armor


Birth and Early Childhood

Fineous, like every other kender before him, came into the world with same curious nature and slippery fingers. His mother, Marithilda, wore a necklace that, even at the time of his birth, Fineous could not keep his hands off of. She would, at times, wake to find him sound asleep in his crib with her necklace clutched in his tiny hands. As he grew, the treasures grew slightly bigger in size, anything from gardening tools to small weapons to pies sitting unattended on window sills.

Adolescence, the Wanderlust, and Beyond

As a child, he and his friends would play games such seeing who could take the most from each others pouches. The winner, of course, got to keep those items. Fineous usually found himself in the advantageous position of procuring nearly every item that his friends and losing none of his own. Until one day, the game took a very humorous turn. Sitting proudly with his new-found possessions, he decided to take a nap, feeling as though he earned it after all that hard work. He awoke briefly stunned to see his baby sister and her twin brother sitting across from him, giggling and playing with his formerly pilfered treasures.

No kender parent could be prouder of their child (and even happier to get them out of the house) than the day they reach adulthood and give into the wanderlust that has for several years gnawed at them. On Fin’s 16th birthday, the entire village of Anselaren came out to celebrate the adventures that awaited him. Family and friends lavished trinkets upon him, including his mother who presented him with the silver necklace that he has been well acquainted with since he was an infant.

In his first year from home, Fin had traveled far beyond even his own expectations. He had gone as far north as the town of Jotun, to the natural splendor of the elven city of Leitae, to the hustle and bustle of Caledon City and many interesting points in between. He made a few friends along the way. One of his closest friends, a half-elven rogue named Eruaran Sinclair, he first met in Caledon City when they both signed on as forward scouts for the Caledite army.

After about three more years, Fin and Eruaran, on a stop-off in Leitae, both received payment purses and scrolled parchments, stating that their service as Caledite scouts had been completed with honorable standing. The kender’s curiosity then took them south, eventually meandering their way to Aldebar, in the Donare Mountains on the border of the Toakka Desert.

Fineous "Fin" Quickfoot

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