Corgan Menithil

A disgruntled wizard in search of a cursed artifact that most believe only capable of great evil....


Wizard (2nd Level) HP’s = 16 AC = Touch AC = Fort = 0 Ref = 1 Will = 3 BAB = 1 Height = 6’2” Weight = 180lbs Eyes = Brown Age = 37 years Diety = None. Faction = Order of the Twilight Star (An initiate of the High Council of Mages)


Corgan Menithil was born in (Parde) and was quickly discovered due to his attunement to arcane magic by the Order of the Twilight Star. As a teenager he became known for his fascination with topics deemed “dark”, “hopeless”, and “unspeakable”. His temper was widely known around town because of mysterious “wild fires” that would always surround a cart, or article of clothing belonging to someone who had angered him. As a young man he stumbled upon some ancient texts that were buried when accompanying a group of dwarven archaeologists that he had befriended on one of his drinking binges. The texts revealed an ancient artifact called the “Tome of Vel-thar”. When he brought it to the attention of the high council of mages they abruptly informed him to burn the findings upon examination and forget it. Corgan being one that did not submit to authority without question decided to pursue information on the tome anyway. The texts described a ritual that involved gathering 100 virgins at 5 locations (20 at each location), beating them, burning their flesh, and deforming them beyond recognition. They were then force marched to a 6th location in the center of the pentagram that was formed when viewing the overland map. At that point they sacrificed the virgins to an unknown Demonic Diety in hopes of raising him from his prison. Eruptions suddenly began and the cauldron holding the virgins bubbled forth a Tome made of their flesh, bone, and bound with their hair. At that precise moment a band of hero’s determined to bring justice to these cultists broke into the temple and after a fierce battle killed them all. The hero’s destroyed the entrances to the buildings and buried it, in their hopes for none to ever find again…

Corgan became fascinated with this legend and secretly pursued leads from his dwarven archaeologist friends and local sorcerers. To his surprise the High Council of Mages was keeping tabs on his movements and he was soon kicked from the Order of the Twilight Star… his initiate status revoked and he was asked to leave Parde. Corgan was convinced that this “cursed” artifact should be found and that it could be used for good since it was made from “good souls”. He believed it not only had the power to free the “unkown god” from his prison, but could release it’s captured souls and be used for great good. Corgan traveled with his dwarven friends led by Brunack Stonebrow until he found one of the 5 sites used for the ritual that created the Tome of Vel’thar. There wasn’t much left inside the rubble but some writings that led him to investigate an oasis that belonged to a half elf marchoyness named Ashinana. He met up with a group of adventurers that were seeking to free Ashinana’s people from a group of Cultists that were servants of Zargon. Together they killed some of the Cultist’s leadership and freed Ashinana’s people…

The following day after much party-going and celebration a cloaked rider came to visit Corgan in the little hamlet. He was a messanger for the Order of the Twilight Star bringing word that Corgan’s long time friend Jaspen Martal had been elected Grand Wizard of the High Council of Mages and that Corgan himself was reinstated into the Council as an initiate. Corgan rode swiftly to the council chamber and met with Jaspen who explained that he was interested to hear what Corgan had discovered about the Tome and after a few days reviewing findings they discovered that the Cultists of Zargon were somehow connected to the ancient Cultists seeking to free the “unknown god”. Jaspen decided to send Corgan back to his new found friends in hopes that along their travels he would find more leads to the Tome.

Jaspen’s intentions seemed virtuous and genuine to Corgan… but time will tell as the story unfolds as to what his true plans are….

Corgan Menithil

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