Abraeynth Knights

Corgan's Adventure Perspective

This will be where I keep a journal of our adventures together from Corgan Menithil’s perspective. For now I only have time to make brief notes and will need to be more explanatory and specific as i find more time to do so.

Adventure 1. A group of adventures set out to find an Oasis/hamlet which was led by a marchyoness. They were told that some prisoners were taken from this hamlet for purposes unknown. When they arrived they encountered a wild party and some creatures intent on killing them. The next day they met with a wizard named Corgan Menithil who ventured there for personal reasons and ended up having a battle the night prior with a creature himself. The adventurers decided to allow Corgan to join because he believed he could find leads to what he was searching for and he expressed interest in freeing the prisoners as well as bringing pain to some foul creatures and whatever stood in their way. They traveled through immense heat and found a bone graveyard filled with dragon bones. Suddenly a dragon spirit spoke to them and asked their purpose there. They explained their mission, answered a riddle, and honored the dragon spirit with stories and an offering. She allowed them to pass and pointed them in a more coordinated direction to find the prisoners. Finally they arrived at a pyramid temple that had many tents gathered in front of it. Goblin and Hobgoblin raiders patrolled the area warily and through use of cunning (sending the rogues in the party) to scout ahead they became aware that one tent in particular held the raider leadership sleeping. They were white skinned humanoid creatures of unknown race. After much debating and battle planning they decided to disguise Corgan as hobgoblin and send him into the camp with the dwarf Grandar as his “fake” prisoner. At this time the others would sneak around to the back of the leadership tent and be ready for a suprise attack. When Corgan approached he grunted… dogs! I have more fresh meat for the slave pens! Hurry you goblins, go south about a mile and a half and kill the group of invaders that are on their way here! The leadership came from the tent along with another ominous looking hobgoblin that the adventurers failed to kill previously. The Hobgoblin shouted, who are you to talk to us in that tone fool! Corgan realized he had outplayed his rank and quickly kneeled to the ground and offered Grandar as a humble gift. The understood signals were given between Grandar and Corgan and Grandar broke free of his unworthy bonds and leaped in the air with his Axe shimmering in the moonlight. Corgan cast obscuring myst in the direction the goblins departed so that they would be free to battle with the leadership and the others sprang from the tent and began to fight. Corgan charmed one of the leaders and had her wait behind the tent so that he could question her later. “Fin” taunted the leader Cleric and after a valiant effort to keep his friends from harms way was knocked unconsious… bleeding badly. He was quickly healed by Tara while Aistan, Grandar, and ( ) kept fighting. Corgan came from behind the tent and cast a spell of protection on Aistan since he was closest. One by one the leaders of the raiders fell and finally Corgan cast a Magic Missile in the back of the last enemy causing him to fall lifelessly to the ground. They freed the prisoners, questioned the charmed leader before she fled, and went back to the hamlet. They were celebrated as hero’s with a party in their honor. Much drinking soon followed (especially from Grandar the dwarf, and Corgan the friend of dwarves and respected holder of much ale.) (Oh yes he can hold his liquor..) The townsfolk offered all goods to the adventures from hence forth at a 10% discount. End Adventure 1.

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